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Ello, this is our chat link

Chat Rules:

1. Don’t insult other people

2. Don’t give out personal info

3. Don’t annoy others

4. Don’t spam

5. No inappropriate behavior or language.

So pretty much this sums it up:






The CPA stands for “Club Penguin’s Army”. We join in on fun snowball wars and battle other armies, we also like helping other penguins. Anyway, this is our government page!

Table of Contents

1. Preamble

2. The RCPA

3. Allies and Enemies

4. Uniform

5. Land

1. Preamble

A preamble simply means “introduction” so let me introduce you to the CPA’s Government, the Republic of the Club Penguin Army (RCPA). A republic is in which the people, or some significant portion of them, retain supreme control over the government. That means our citizens and soldiers vote on what will happen in this army. We fight for justice and the freedom and we hate the dictatorship.

The Republic is made up of two branches; Executive (Leadership) and Legislative (Senate). Each play a major role in the government but the most important member is you, because without soldiers, we would be nothing.

2. The RCPA

The RCPA tries in all ways to make this army a fair army where everyone gets to vote in and participate in major decisions or elections. To join this army go here.

We are Democratic Republic which means the Senators are elected by you along with a ton of other decisions. That also means the leaders serve you, and not you serving the leaders. Normally, when we are going to have a new leader the older leaders will choose though occasionally we will have an election. High ranks may be chosen by a leader or an election.


When declaring war or making a big decision, the Senate will vote for what the think is correct, bu the citizens are the ones who get to chose in the end. If a voting is tied then I will chose. The Leader can disprove any law/election/bill that is created.


Executive Branch

President: Joee125

Vice President:

Secretary of the Army:


Legislative Branch

Vice President:

Grand Senator:

Senators (7 max):

3.) Allies and Enemies:

Allies: [none]

Enemies: [none]

If you would like to become one of these please comment saying so.

4.) Uniform:

Really just wear anything blue and red. I need to find a good uniform everyone likes…

5.) Land:

Mammoth – The main server we log onto. Pretty much our capital. We recruit here often. This is probably the place you want to patrol the most.

Snow Day – Event server, if we are having a party or battle, we will schedule it here. It is also out embassy server.

Alaska – Recruiting server, usually full or near full

Christmas – Another recruiting server, it’s usually full or near full

Rocky Road – Training server

Snowy River – Embassy Server

Klondike Recruiting server, thank ACP for letting us borrow it.

Well thanks for viewing our government page!



1. Don’t act like an idiot on chat.

2. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

3. Don’t steal the leader’s cookies (THEY ARE MINE!)

4. Help penguins out the best you can. We are here to help.

5. Make sure to kick butt in battles/wars.

Yeah so that is pretty much it. Don’t go do something stupid or flame other armies. Get along as well as you can and this army will go smoothly. See the chat page for chat rules.


To join the CPA, just fill out this short form:

Penguin Name:

Days old:

Member or non-member:

Other armies you have been/are in:

Will you be loyal to CPA?:

Need to be added to the ranks? Comment here.

There are a few things you need to know before joining the CPA.

1. Uniform

Uniform is important so we can see who is on our side during wars and battles. Our uniform looks like this:


2. Allies and Enemies

In the battlefield, it’s good to know who the heck you will be fighting. Here are a list of our Allies and Enemies:

3. Government

The last thing you need to know is our government. Our government is quite complicated so click here to view our government page.

Thank-you for joining the CPA, and welcome!